2002 Robur wins Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award

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PREMIO INNOVAZIONE AMICA DELL'AMBIENTE (Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award)

The innovative Gas Absorption Heat Pump GAHP-AR (Reversible Gas Powered Absorption Heat Pump for heating and cooling) that has been introduced in Expocomfort Fair in Milan on March 5th, 2004, is one of the Mentioned Projects in Energy category for the PREMIO INNOVAZIONE AMICA DELL'AMBIENTE 2003, the most important italian recognition for companies strongly committed to Environment protection.
It is an award by Legambiente and Lombardia Region, with Politecnico of Milan and Bocconi University to support innovative environmentally friendly choices and technologies, products, services and consumptions upgrades.
Ermete Realacci, national president of Legambiente, in occasion of the prize-giving ceremony on October 20th, 2003, said: "The awards we are giving today are an encouragement to keep going on the way of excellent company choices. They are model initiatives in a country that is hardly able to adopt and spread sustainable culture, that is leader in many fields but that is not able to export scientific knowledge. Nowadays we talk about the "Chinese risk". For us it is not possible and neither desirable to follow China in low salaries and environment dumping politics. All the people, Chinese included, must follow the rules.
Betting on innovation, research and quality, Italy can become stronger also in economic field. A necessary choice mainly in environmental field, where the challenge to put Man into natural cycles and to fight against climatic changes needs the best human energies."
The new Robur GAHP units, mentioned in the award, thanks to gas powered supply and renewable energies recovery, get gas utilization efficiencies of more than 150%, heavily reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. In nominal conditions (in according to EN 12309) about the 40% of produced heat energy comes from ambient renewable energy (air, water or ground).