1956-2006: 50 years of innovation, quality and reliability

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2001 - First Prize in the Italian Regional Quality Award

2002 - Premio innovazione amica dell'ambiente (Environmentally Friendly Innovation Award)

2003 - Special Prize Winner of the European Quality Awards
- Robur, with its reversible Gas Absorption Heat Pumps, wins the Technological Innovation Award

2004 - Benito Guerra, chairman of Robur, receives the nomination as finalist in the “Quality of life” category of the National Businessman of the Year Award, promoted by Ernst & Young

2005 - Honourable mention of the HVAC&R Innovation Prize sponsored by Costruire Impianti

2006 - Honourable mention at AHR Expo Innovation Award sponsored by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers - ASHRAE (USA)

2007 - Mentioned as best product category for natural-gas-powered heat pumps as part of the "Impresa Ambiente" Prize
- Special mention in Enterprise Prize for Innovation promoted by Confindustria - Italian Industry Association

2009 - Special mention in the category Energy Efficiency Development Prize 2009 by the Foundation Sustainable Development and Ecomondo