5th EHPA European Heat Pump Forum

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5th EHPA European Heat Pump Forum

Take part to the European Heat Pump Forum event, involving the majority of stakeholders in the heat pump industry.
The event and will shed light to Italy, one of the promising markets for heat pump development.

The European Heat Pump Association is actively promoting the recognition of heat pumps as a core technology in the European market and its integration into European legislation.
This event is organized by the European Heat Pump Association to enable the information exchange of its members and to inform all interested stakeholders on recent developments affecting the technology on a European scale.
The Forum will present the most recent EU legislations relevant for heat pumps, illustrate the market developments in the UK and the Member States and inform about the newest developments in the field of heat pump technology.

This high level conference will focus on the European Heat Pump Market with a special angle on implementation of EU legislation in one of the growing heat pump markets with heating and cooling requirements alike: Italy.
All registration details are available under this link: http://www.ehpa.org/milano/

When: May 8, 2012
Where: Palazzo delle stelline, Corso Magenta 62, Milan, Italy

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Discover more on http://www.ehpa.org/ehpa-activities/ehpa-events/heat-pump-forum-2012/