Robur Indian journey

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Robur Indian journey

The incentive tour that Robur organises every year for engineers and sales force has just come to an end.

Robur incentive tours are always something “special” and are organised to celebrate the targets that have been reached together. to get to know one another better and exchange experiences as well as sharing values. aspirations and objectives that fuel the daily working  of the company with its most important partners.

The destination chosen this year was India and this presented a unique opportunity to those taking part to experience the “contrasts” first hand in a very direct way.
We explored a country which has given rise to figures that have had a profound influence on our western mentality. men that have fertilised and revitalised universal thinking such as Gandhi. Krishnamurti. and Tagore. to name but just a few.
We discovered a world where spirituality. symbolism. and beliefs. century-old almost primitive rituals intertwine with an India that is projected towards an economy at the forefront of technological progress.
Extraordinary peaks of intelligence that are contrasted with troughs of abject poverty and incomprehensible misery; wealth that can be seen in the sophisticated cultural elegance of this amazing country starkly contrasted with the humanity that survives living in hovels alongside the railway tracks.
These were the contrasts that touched the minds and hearts of all those who took part and who decided together to contribute a symbolic token of their solidarity towards this country; they have decided to sponsor a long-distance adoption of an Indian child through the  Care & Share Charitable Trust.

The trip was animated by many enjoyable and festive events such as those held in Rajpura. the capital that is famous for its buildings in pink sandstone and where. during the gala dinner. Robur’s guests. dressed in local costumes were able to savour the entertainment and folklore of the town hosting them.

Yet again. the Robur tour this year testified to the spirit of collaboration and friendly and  cordial climate of mutual respect and trust that has always been a defining feature of the business relationship between the company and its key partners.

So. until its time for the next Robur adventure...

Where the roads are marked out. I lose my way.
In the immensity of the ocean and the blueness of the sky.
There is no sign of a trail.
The path is hidden by the wings of birds. by the brightness of the stars.
by the flowers of the changing seasons.
And I ask my heart if his blood is carrying along with it the invisible road.