Robur Summer Party

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Robur Summer Party

Robur Summer party.
Open doors in Zingonia with a party dedicated to innovation and solidarity values.

On saturday 10th of July Robur S.p.A.. an italian company that since many years is on worldwide markets with its technological products for heating and cooling. opened its manufacturing site of Zingonia (Bergamo. Italy) to employees. partners. customers. suppliers and friends.

Benito Guerra. Robur President said:"We always grow many dreams. The dream to produce really excellent products. to act honestly and correctly. to testify creativity can create the taste for well-made things. harmony can raise agreement and respect for everyone. We hope that right men could be successful in business. We always trust in involving. delegating. self-training. making collaborators responsible; besides in sensing development processes of new products. promoting research. creating team to realize research. testing. patenting. introducing to market and spreading results.
These everyday actions can marry with business needs in Robur. The center position of human resource since the beginning is an essential value in every action of companies; the commitment of employees is the key advantage of a successful company."

From these thoughts comes the theme of the day: the JOB VALUE.

Symbol of the day is a meaningfull image: great white panels that follow the sun. They are an innovative project by a partnership between solar S.p.A.. Toscana Region. German aerospace agency. Weizmann Institut of Science and Tel Aviv University. to give electrical energy. heating and cooling to San Giuseppe hospital in Empoli. This project is inside a political program to protect the Environment and to decrease energy consumption and it uses the new Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pump. born from the commitment of Robur that in the last 13 years invested more than the 8% of the total costs and of the human resources in Research & Development.

The Summer party was also a day to point out the Robur solidarity actions.
Since many years Robur is involved in helping 300 brasilian children ("ninos de rua" - street children) and in 2000 Robur establishe the non profit association "Robur Solidale Onlus".

Robur Solidale Onlus wants:
- to raise everyone's will in helping the others;
- to realize concrete help projects towards children;
- to spread solidarity attitude also in other company realities. first in suppliers. salers. customers and partners ones.

With these aims the association supported the Sacra Famiglia Fathers in Brasil. the Piero and Lucille Foundation. for the St. Mary's Lacor Hospital in Uganda. and the Children in Emergency Association. for the Rumenian abandoned children.
Dominique Corti. daughter of the promoter physician of the Uganda hospital. and Father Mario participated to testify the experiences and the everyday solidarity actions.

For further information about Robur Solidale Onlus please visit the dedicated section under Company menu.