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Using natural gas + renewable energy sources(1)

8,028(2) Gas Absorption Heat Pumps with Self-Sustainable Renewable Energy save 12,845 TEP every year and the emissions of 33,718 Tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the emissions of 16,056 green cars or those absorbed by 4,808,772 trees covering a surface of 67,835,518 sqm.

Each Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pump:
  • adds 1 kW of natural gas to 0.5 kW of renewable energy(3). This renewable energy is 24-hours-a-day available, thus avoiding unnecessary integration systems and/or unnecessary heat rejection (e.g. solar panels in summer).
  • It saves every year 4.2 Tons of CO2 emissions(4), which are equivalent to those absorbed by 599 trees(5) or those produced by 2 green cars(6); every year 1.6 TOE are saved.
  • It is the best solution to the problem of global warming due to greenhouse gases, using a natural refrigerant with GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 0.

(1) All data are tested and certified by ENEA for Italy, DVGW Forschungsstelle and VDE for Germany, California Energy Commission for USA. Assuming that the specific heating capacity is 38.3 kW with only 25.2 kW of gas input thanks to the use of renewable energy.
(2) Updated on 28th Feb. 2013.
(3) With solar thermal, to produce 0.5 kW, approx. 1m2 of collectors is necessary.
(4) Each GAHP can save 2.165 m3 of natural gas every year (1 m3 of natural gas produces 1.94 Kg of CO2), assuming 1,000 hours of operation per year.
(5) 1,000 square meters of forest in the Ticino Natural Park absorb 500 kg of CO2 per year, assuming that one tree occupies 14 square meters. Source: LifeGate.
(6) Assuming that a car covers 15,000 km per year and produces 140 g CO2 per km. Source: ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association.
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