The Robur company history

There are men who are born with talents and passions in the heart and who are able to turn them, in the lifetime, in good actions and choices for the community.
Since 1956 Benito Guerra, the Robur Founder, is a businessman who has founded a creative and extraordinarily innovative company, which researches, develops and produces high-efficiency heating solutions with low-environmental impact: Robur.
At the very beginning of the production, the Robur company has been manufacturing gas nozzles for gas water heaters and boilers, thus becoming the market leader in Europe.
Robur inauguration in 1956

Benito Guerra, Robur founder and CEO
Fond of science and mechanics, Benito Guerra spends his life in his company, passionately trying to involve all employees. From his father he inherited the love for the BEAUTY and WELL-MADE THINGS, the driving force of his life. He devotes free time to study and reseach, mixing work, interest, curiosity and personal growth. He is fascinated by the incredible potential of innovation. In 1967 the Robur lab has been founded with the aim of ensuring the development of products and of anticipating the market. In 1969 the multi-gas atmospheric burner has been manufactured and in 1973 the improvements resulting from the research will lead to the patent of a high-efficiency and low-emissions burner. Committed to constant improvement, Benito Guerra is a man who comes from the factory experience and who often remembers the hardness and the difficulties of the workplace. That's why he is focussed on creating a workplace where positivity and creativity can improve our lives.

Awareness of the importance of having their own finished product is the basis of another important evolution by Robur in 1976: the idea of the "heating system to switch on and off": the gas unit heater, an innovative and successful product in the Italian and European markets. In 1982 Robur expands its production with the gas convector for residential and light-commercial buildings.
Since 1982 Robur produces natural gas individual convectors

Worldwide recognized as an innovative company, Robur has been founded from the very beginning on an entrepreneurial vision made of values and consistency. The wish is to create a company meant as "a community of people", where money is not a priority condition of existence.

The latest and most innovative Robur products, the gas absorption heat pumps
Benito Guerra is a simple, strict and creative man, who compels those who work with him to a continuous commitment combined with flexibility. Thanks to his entrepreneurial passion, Mr. Guerra has launched on the market the latest and most innovative product by Robur, the GAHP - Gas Absorption Heat Pump - powered by renewable energy.

The initial inspiration behind this patent was derived from studies by Einstein between 1927 and 1930. A strong boost to the realization of this technology was given by Servel, a branch of Electrolux Group, which has been acquired by Robur in 1991.

In 2004 Robur launches a world première during the trade fair MCE in Milan, the new GAHP (Gas Absorption Heat Pump), introducing to the market a new concept: heating and cooling with one unit powered by natural gas and using 40% of renewable energy, thus achieving the highest heating efficiency in the world.

2016 is one of the most exciting moment in Robur history.
A 60-years history dedicated to the environment, to the beauty and to well-made things.
Robur proudly introduces the fruit of its passion and its intelligence: the absorption heat pump powered by natural gas and air-source renewable energy for the domestic segment, Robur K18.
K18, simple and innovative, for those who love to stand out.
Robur K18 in the 60th year

New board of directors
In May 2019 the President and founder Benito Guerra handed over the baton to his son Leonardo, now in charge of the Company.
The presence of Luigia Traversi Guerra in the Board of Directors represents the solid generational bridge to guarantee the continuity of the company.
Elena Guerra, for over twenty years in the company, head of the Human Resources Development Department, has been appointed Vice President.
Completing the Board of Directors, Linda Guerra.

The patent by Einstein has inspired the actual product range by Robur, a company today well recognized in the international HVAC market.
Today GAHP is recognized as one f the most competitive technology in the heating sector and has been supported by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The GAHP represents a energy efficient, low-environmental impact, high-value and cost-competitive technology in comparison with market alternatives in the sector of multi-family houses, light commercial buildings and manufacturing plants as well.

1 installed GAHP saves every year 1.6 Tons of Oil Equivalent and the emissions of 4.2 Tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the emissions absorbed by 599 trees.

Every unit installed represents an act of respect to the world and the testimony of the real identity of Robur: environmental awareness.
Benito Guerra, Robur Founder

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