March 5th, 2004 – Fiera Milano, Milan – Final speech for the conference “Gas Absorption Heat Pumps. A new technology for a rational use of energy”

I wish to share with all of you my joy and pride for what we have celebrated today:

“The official entry of a new and much awaited technology in the field of indoor heating”.

It is a truly special, unique, and rare event that would deserve the “superlative” form that is so often used in the advertising language.

It is at this stage that your involvement – as “opinion makers” – may reward the work carried out so far by an Italian industry whose strategies are based on innovation, quality and training, with the goal of manufacturing only excellent products both in terms of environmental protection and in terms of energy saving and efficiency.

What leads us towards this direction is not merely an economic driver.

It is also and mainly an “ethical compliance to our work” as it is conceived, felt, and experienced at Robur. It is not by chance that for decades now our logo is ROBUR COSCIENZA ECOLOGICA (Robur, ecologic awareness).

To me, your presence here today is a prestigious confirmation and a stimulus to continue along this path, with the resolution that is needed when facing global challenges involving the two most critical factors of our era: Energy and pollution.

Our choices also allow us to put technology back to the service of mankind and not just to the service of economy.

It often happens that a technology or product are designed for a specific use but then turn out to be more useful for a different purpose than the one they were originally designed and built for. This is the case with computers: They were invented as tools to speed up computing tasks and have increasingly turned into tools used to speed up communications.

The absorption-cycle technology was designed and developed for the cooling cycle and, with the Gas Absorption Heat Pumps, has turned out to be even more effective for heating.

As a matter of fact, using the methane gas energy or LPG with the GAHP technology provides the best ratio between consumed energy and produced heat.

With an efficiency that is 30-40 percentage points higher than the best gas heating systems currently available on the market, we have achieved an increase higher than the one reached over the past 30 years, i.e. from the 1973 energy crisis till today.

I am sure that you are as proud as we are today for having brought these products onto the market. In fact, by fully exploiting your professional expertise and your “ecologic awareness”, you are certainly going to contribute to paving the way to this incredible (and please allow me to use this “superlative” form”) innovation that allows to immediately achieve a drastic reduction in energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Thank you again for being with us and for all the support that you have given us so far and shall continue to give in the future by sharing our strategy and choices.

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