November 13th, 2014 – Robur Headquarters, Bergamo – Speech for the final press conference of the HEAT4U Project

Welcome everyone and thank you for your presence to the Final Review meeting of the European project HEAT4U.

Going back in memory to the genesis of the history of this technology, I would mention here the organizations that were the first ones to believe in its potential and that not only supported it with words, but with facts and important investments. Let me therefore express a special thanks to the US DOE - Department of Energy - which in the 90's first hit in the research and development of technology. Another important thanks goes to companies GDF Suez and GrDF who jointly supported the idea of a initail project of a gas absorption heat pump for the residential market.

I would say that the HEAT4U project, a 100% European collaboration, is a success story. The project was a vehicle of knowledge and strong catalyst for initiatives and expertise to spread the GAHP technology, today recognized among the most promising in the heating sector.

Today, with pride, we can claim to have fully achieved the ambitious goals we set ourselves, thanks also to the support of the European Commission. We are pleased and honored to present the results of our work: a completely European technology that can bring important benefits to the entire European system while keeping the research, production and leadership in Europe. The numbers here are clear: if the technology GAHP replace 1% of boilers sold each year in Europe, in a month the savings would exceed the loan made by the European Commission for the entire project HEAT4U.

HEAT4U has indeed confirmed as the GAHP technology is beneficial to the end user in its use phase to the extent of saving energy, economic and environmental aspect. This technology can therefroe really be so the tool for the national and European institutions to achieve the ambitious goals of 2030, in response to the pressing challenges of our times, which requires greater cohesion especially around those excellences that promote the rational use of energy and, consequently, the substantial reduction of CO2 emissions.

It would be a shame to waste time. We know that all innovations require effort to be shared and implemented. But, fortunately, the new generations are already pushing the accelerator for this kind of change. For this reason, and as far as the role of Robur, we will continue the path taken by focusing on the continuous pursuit of excellence. We will also continue to develop dialogue with our partners and aim to spread the technology as quickly as possible on the market.

This innovation can contribute to the new European Renaissance, of which we can all be proud of the protagonists. And we believe in!

Thanks again to all for your contribution.

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