Much more than just a method, Quality, respecting the Environment and safeguarding the health of its Employees are, for Robur, our Company’s conscience.
Our market oriented outlook is put into concrete form by providing innovative Products and Services that satisfy the expectations of our Customers and of the Community.

Customer satisfaction and the reduction of environmental impact and work-related risks are the main objectives that Robur intends to pursue through the continuous improvement of its processes. Robur’s management, therefore, is committed to:
  • respecting, in their substance and principles, all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the commitments that it has freely taken on;
  • pursuing continuous improvement in the integrated management of quality, safety and the environment, through appropriate management instruments that allow its performance to be evaluated;
  • formulating company and departmental objectives in line with the current policy, and which may be the basis for drawing up yearly improvement plans;
  • ensuring that company practices are understood, put into action and sustained by all of its Employees in carrying out their assignments;
  • guaranteeing that all of its Employees are adequately trained and sensitive with regard to the themes of quality of process, product and service, environmental aspects, as well as hygiene and safety in the workplace;
  • carrying out periodic reviews of this Integrated System to evaluate its effectiveness and the degree of maturity of its processes.
The Company’s Management controls and optimises these objectives by means of an internal auditing programme that set out to verify the effectiveness of actions performed to make its Integrated System Policy a reality.


Employees, whatever their degree of responsibility may be, are committed to pursuing global Quality, a concept that needs to be understood in a broad sense, not only in terms of quality of the product, but also in terms of quality of work, the working environment and of people, who must be dynamic and proactive in order to sustain the development of the company.

Robur has drawn its inspiration from the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), whose logic has permeated planning activities of the system of key processes, of identification of the Process Owner and of verifying the efficiency of the System.
In respecting the principles that inspire the system along with current norms, Robur is committed to guaranteeing:
  • constant attention to the continuous improvement of the level of Customer Satisfaction;
  • the continuous improvement of both the products and the overall performance of the Company, basing itself on the analysis of relevant data and information;
  • increased involvement on the part of suppliers in order to establish relationships of cooperation based upon the very same objectives of Quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

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