Robur intends to testify to its environmental conscience to future generations by operating in an industrial context that is oriented towards principles of sustainable development, and by offering products at the cutting edge of technology with reduced environmental impact.

Environmental Policy expresses the framework of values that inspire the company’s actions in the environmental sphere. It commits the organisation to achieving a reasonable, consistent improvement of its environmental efficiency, through a systematic analysis of the effects of its activities upon the environment and the definition of targets for improvement, with the aim of managing and therefore reducing to a minimum the risks associated with company activities, products and services, for the safeguarding of the ecosystem in which we live.

For this policy to succeed, it is essential:

  • to evaluate and control the effects of activities that have an influence on the environment;
  • to evaluate preventively the potential environmental effects of all new activities, products and processes;
  • to adopt the provisions necessary to reduce every negative environmental impact, with particular attention given to the adoption of measures for the prevention of undesirable effects in the face of emergencies;
  • to optimise the consumption of natural resources;
  • to put into effect measures to ensure that all suppliers and partners that work on behalf of Robur give due care to safeguarding the environment by giving preference to those suppliers and third parties whose behaviour puts respect for the environment concretely into practice.

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