Robur is committed to guaranteeing a working environment that is healthy and safe in all of the Company’s sites, and to providing adequate preventive measures to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by work activities and by company infrastructures, thus reducing risks related to the working environment to a minimum..

For this policy to succeed, it is fundamental that:

  • aspects of safety are considered essential right from the stage in which new activities are defined or when existing activities are reviewed: it is necessary to be proactive, integrating health and safety procedures into all stages of planning, technical assistance or production cycle;
  • the whole structure of the company participates according to its own functions and competences, in order to achieve the safety objectives assigned to it: managers must be put in a position to assume a leadership role through the definition of their responsibilities and must have adequate resources and the necessary authority to attain the objectives set;
  • potential emergencies or crises are identified in advance so that management of them may be planned, that future accidents are prevented by identifying potential areas of risk and monitoring their progress in order continuously to improve performance regarding health and safety;
  • contractors and suppliers have the capacity to guarantee services that comply with our standards of health and safety. This represents the guiding criterion in the choice of our business partners.

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