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M Series

Gas unit heater

Direct exchange gas unit heaters for heating with low thermal inertia and without heat transfer fluid.


  • The simplicity and reliability of M series heaters provide a superior price/performance ratio in comparison with other heating systems.
  • Reliable operation unique components.
  • Centrifugal fan design for ducting applications. Designed to be equipped with a back intake chamber applied by a regulation damper and air filters.


Equipped with an atmospheric burner, they are available in 7 models of different sizes from 18.3 to 63.8 kW, both with axial fan and centrifugal fan.

MC version
With flange duct connection.

Mxt version
Outdoor installation for extra-European countries only.
Suitable for heating rooms that need a constant ventilation (specific processes, public rooms etc.) or where indoor installation is not permitted by norm (places of public entertainment or rooms where flames may form), such as repair shops, painting shops and joiner's shops.


  • Industrial premises and workshops.
  • Laboratories.
  • Warehouses and storage facilities.
  • Supermarkets and showrooms.
  • Greenhouses and livestock facilities.

For the installation of these appliances, refer to the applicable national standards in force in the country of destination.

Technical table

Standard version

Nominal heat output M20: kW 18,3
Nominal heat output M25: kW 25,5
Nominal heat output M30: kW 30,7
Nominal heat output M35: kW 37,4
Nominal heat output M40: kW 42,5
Nominal heat output M50: kW 50,7
Nominal heat output M60: kW 63,8

Air flow rate(1) M20: 2,630 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M25: 2,550 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M30: 3,800 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M35: 3,850 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M40: 4,500 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M50: 5,000 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M60: 6,875 m3/h

Installed wattage M20: W 250
Installed wattage M25: W 250
Installed wattage M30: W 350
Installed wattage M35: W 350
Installed wattage M40: W 400
Installed wattage M50: W 500
Installed wattage M60: W 620

Operating temperature range(2) M20 - M25 - M30 - M35 - M40 - M50 - M60: 0/35°C

(1) At 20 °C - 1013 mbar.
(2) Indoor temperature of the installation location. The unit’s internal components have been tested from 0 °C to 60 °C.

Ducted version

Nominal heat output M20 C: kW 18,3
Nominal heat output M30 C: kW 30,7
Nominal heat output M60 C: kW 63,8

Air flow rate(1) M20 C: with free outlet 2,800 m3/h - at maximum admissible pressure drop 1,900 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M30 C: with free outlet 4,000 m3/h - at maximum admissible pressure drop 3,100 m3/h
Air flow rate(1) M60 C: with free outlet 8,000 m3/h - at maximum admissible pressure drop 6,400 m3/h

Installed wattage M20 C: W 600
Installed wattage M30 C: W 620
Installed wattage M60 C: W 920

(1) At 20 °C - 1013 mbar.


Termoregolatore per generatori - OTRG005

Termoregolatore per generatori - OTRG005