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Centre Culturel de l'Entente Cordiale - Château d'Hardelot

Condette - France

Need: Heating and Cooling
Heating Capacity: 80 kW
Cooling Capacity: 35 kW

Historical building

Chateau d'Hardelot is a castle located in the town of Condette near Calais, France. The castle dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century, while the ancient foundations date back to 1222. It has the shape of a polygon with nine towers, surrounded by two large concentric moats and located on a hill overlooking the surrounding area. It is near the seaside resort of Hardelot-Plage station to which it has been named.
Today the castle hosts the Cultural Center Entente Cordiale dedicated to the relations between France and Great Britain. For the recent energy refurbishment, 2 reversibile gas absorption heat pumps Robur GAHP AR have been installed.


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