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Municipality Hvidrove

Hvidrove (Copenhagen), Denmark

Need: Heating
Heating Capacity: 72 kW

Government buildings

The site Multihuset is a multirole property with offices, canteen and warehouse/storage, and it also houses sections of Hvidovre municipality.
The installation is composed of two natural gas heat pumps, one backup gas boiler and seven decentralized electric water heaters for sanitary water supply.
The GHPs are also combined with a large heat storage tank for increased usage. GHP nearly halves annual gas consumption By replacing the two old and outdated gas boilers at Multihuset with two new GHPs among other improvements, Hvidovre municipality nearly halves Multihuset’s annual gas consumption.
The untraditional solution with installation of GHPs was promoted by HMN Gas Distribution, who in return uses it as a demonstration plant to further promote GHP solutions.
The whole system has a payback time of 4½ years, and the GHPs achieved a measured net efficiency of 133 %.


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