Relais Tenuta Il Cigno

Villanterio (PV) - Italy

Need: Heating and Cooling
Heating Capacity: 220 kW
Cooling Capacity: 68 kW

Hotel & Restaurant

The Relais Tenuta Il Cigno, located in Villanterio, in the countryside of Pavia famous for the cultivation of rice, just 25 km south of Milan, is a charming farmhouse surrounded by greenery.

In addition to the presence of the elegant rooms located in the historic manor house and the 4 new apartments, ideal for those who want a warm but reserved welcome, the Relais Tenuta Il Cigno is characterized by the possibility of staying at the exclusive Tree House, a entirely wooden house built on an imposing oak tree at a height of more than 5 meters from the ground. The house, surrounded by the canopies of an ancient oak and suspended on the paddocks of the horses, is equipped with every comfort and allows guests to make a very special and romantic stay, also thanks to the outdoor wooden whirlpool tub.

Renovated in 2017, the farmhouse needed to replace the old oil boiler with a more modern system. The optimal choice was the installation of ROBUR gas absorption heat pumps.

This innovative choice, whose installation did not require the redevelopment and compliance of the previous thermal power plant, consists of two pre-assembled groups for external installation for a total of 4 reversible gas absorption heat pumps and 2 condensing boilers, with LPG supply, capable of supplying thermal energy, cooling energy and energy for sanitary water.

These machines have high efficiency, with very low consumption and fully meet the needs of air conditioning and the production of domestic hot water for the accommodation facility and the SPA and Wellness Center services.
Giuseppe Savoia - Thermotechnical Designer

The internal terminals are made up of radiant ceiling panels, the control system provides a remote control unit located in the reception, which allows you to adjust the temperature of each room, in summer or in winter according to customer needs, without the need for any type of specific management by the staff of the structure.

To date, the great satisfaction of the end customer for this type of plant, leads us to implement a further expansion as the structure has grown. The modular system of the ROBUR solution allows us to very easily integrate additional components into the system in order to implement both the heating power and the cooling power.
Mattia Bernardoni - Bernardoni Impianti Srl – Installer

The choice of the ROBUR solution was therefore dictated by several factors:

The intervention benefited from the Thermal Account, and therefore my client felt reassured from an economic point of view and certainly reassured from the point of view of energy well-being.
Giuseppe Savoia - Thermotechnical Designer

In terms of ecological footprint, we can say that the 4 reversible GAHP-AR gas absorption heat pumps installed allow EVERY YEAR at Relais Tenuta Il Cigno to:
Interview with Stefano Tosi, owner of the Relais Tenuta Il Cigno:

Interview with Giuseppe Savoia, Thermotechnical Designer:

Interview with Mattia Bernardoni who took made the installation of the conditioning system:


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