A complete range For the efficient heating of commercial and industrial spaces of any size

  • WEIGHT -25%

    The gas unit heater is Robur.
    The future is Robur Next

    Robur Next R ERP compliant

    For the efficient heating of commercial and industrial spaces of any size. A complete range able to meet different installation requirements thanks to the extraordinary capacity, size and weight ratio. Available with different capacities and in different versions: standard with axial fans, ductable with centrifugal fans and for vertical projection installation.

    Robur Next R Heaters models range


    The advantages


    Simple and light

    Ultra-light and compact in size
    Super flexible: thanks to their extra-compact size, Robur Next R gas unit heaters can be easily installed. No problems: thanks to their weight, 25% less than other models on the market, it is even easier to install. Thanks to their modularity, it is possible to avoid the construction of a traditional heating system.


    Smart control system
    You can control them as you wish. From the simplified on/off command to the revolutionary smart management system, called Genius, which allows you to adjust and control the system (up to 100 gas unit heaters) in an optimal manner, even remotely.
    An integrated and dynamic system, able to simplify management and optimise efficiency.
    Thanks to its particular engineering, it is possible to comfortably manage the system and intervene promptly. The entire system is constantly monitored and the parameters can be easily adjusted as required.

    Control systems

    Robur Next R control systems

    The advantages of the control system Genius by Robur

    Robur Next Genius advantages

    Comfort Zone System

    Optimisation of comfort and savings
    Robur gas unit heaters heat the rooms ensuring a very low heat stratification thanks to the characteristics "COMFORT ZONE SYSTEM". The particular shape and the material used to make the heat exchangers divides the air flow into different layers with different temperatures, thus avoiding installation of destratificators.
    The ambient comfort produced also guarantees a homogeneous temperature and a perfect mixing of the air already at 4 m from the unit, keeping these characteristics unaltered even at a great distance (40 metres and above).

    Robur Next R Heaters stratification

    Design and Technology

    Exclusive design and innovative technology
    An unmatched product able to integrate its unique design Made in Italy and innovative and exclusive Robur technology. Developed thanks to a continuous and intense research activity, Robur Next R gas unit heaters are valuable products and an investment over time.

    94% Efficiency

    Modulating gas unit heaters with premix burner with 2 levels of heat output. High efficency compared to the limits imposed by the restrictive regulations concerning heating systems.

    30% Savings

    Thanks to the high seasonal energy efficiency, it is possible to save up to 30% compared to traditional systems.


    They can be managed independently or via the revolutionary smart control system (Genius). They only heat when and where needed, without waste.

    Rapid heating

    In a short time, even the largest rooms are immediately warm thanks to the absence of the carrier fluid, as opposed to water-based heating systems.

    Reduced emissions

    The air-gas ratio is optimal and guarantees virtually no emissions. Equipped with a self-adapting combustion circuit to optimise the installation of air-smoke ducts.

    Total Safety

    The reliability of a product complying with the most restrictive safety standards and the quality of selected materials.

    Easy Maintenance

    The structure of the gas unit heaters is designed to guarantee quick access and easy maintenance.
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