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Ecological Conscience.
What we’ve always been, in two words.

Two words that sum up the spirit of Robur.

Strength that translates into concrete facts.

Robur's Ecological Consciousness was born in the 1970s, anticipating by three decades a theme, that of the environment, which is now highly topical. For us, it is the driving force behind the company's strategic choices and one of the parameters we use to determine our product portfolio. We strongly believe in the use of gas as a fundamental pillar of the energy transition in Italy and in Europe as a whole.

Gas Heaters were the first innovation, thanks to the use of gas, in a sector dominated by the use of diesel oil. Over the years, environmental awareness has further evolved.

This is demonstrated by our GAHP pumps, which, already performing well in gas use, are capable of adding significant shares of renewable energy - such as air, water and ground heat - allowing us to achieve a utilization efficiency of up to 139%.

Efficiency that translates into savings for our customers of up to 40%. This commitment to efficiency also translates into respect for Nature, as demonstrated by the results produced by one year of use of a GAHP heat pump.

An ecological commitment capable of going even further. GAHP pumps do not use synthetic fluids harmful to the ozone layer, replacing them with an ecological and natural refrigerant: ammonia, thus representing the solution to the problem of climate-altering HFC gases. Moreover, the heat pump is the technology with the lowest environmental impact in terms of emissions harmful to human health (NOx, PM, OCG, COx), as evidenced by the study of the Joint Research Centre - European Commission(1).

(1) JRC - Development of European Ecolabel Criteria for Water based Heaters (pp. 98-103).

Every year the over 20,000 GAHP installed worldwide

ROBUR-icona-aerotermica ROBUR-icona-geotermica ROBUR-icona-idrotermica

employ 227,770,000 kWh of renewable energies,

ROBUR-icona-risparmio-tep save 34,559 TEP of fuel,

ROBUR-icona-gas that corresponds to 42,530,830 m3 of natural gas,

ROBUR-icona-no-immisione avoid the release of 77,164 tons of CO2 and 458,273 lb of NOx,

ROBUR-icona-alberi that corresponds to planting 11,023,436 trees

ROBUR-icona-automobiliand removing the emission from 230,965 cars.