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Manufacturing with an open heart.
Quality that exceeds expectations.

Produced, designed and built in Italy. Ready for the world market.

Conceived, designed and built in Italy. One main office and two production sites produce all Robur products for the national and international market.

The quality, effectiveness and efficiency of Lean Production.

Along the entire supply chain, Robur draws inspiration from the principles of Lean Production and Total Quality Management (TQM), whose logic has permeated the activities of designing the production process, identification of Process Owners and verification of system effectiveness. Constant improvement based on the analysis of data and information. Broad involvement of all partners and suppliers to establish collaborative relationships based on the same goals of quality, effectiveness and efficiency.
The improvement of quality is evidenced over the years by the achievement, first in Europe in the sector, of ISO 9001:2001 certification, which was followed by ISO 14001 certification.

From the raw material to the finished product. A unique production process.

Our production takes place completely in Italy. From the raw material to the finished product, everything is done in-house. A product that is unique in the world implies a production process that is unique in the world. Technological challenges are the order of the day: industrialization of components and processes, maximum customization of production machinery, training of highly skilled operators able to solve problems creatively are just some of the aspects of our production that make it an important technological barrier of entry for competitors. A meticulous tracking and control system is also the best guarantee of quality for our customers.

We take manufacturing very seriously. Up to medical/pharmaceutical standards.

The manufacturing cycle also employs fundamental processes that go well beyond industry standards. The precision and sensitivity of our manufacturing process is comparable to the expertise required in the medical and pharmaceutical fields - a meticulous degree of attention similar to that used to clean valves intended for human hearts.