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Born from a strong idea, to make history.

Turning talent and passion into useful objects for people and their communities.


The company "D. Guerra" was founded in 1956 by Benito Guerra with a pioneering spirit: creativity, research, development and production of new solutions and a commitment to continuous improvement.

An idea that contained entirely in the strength of one word: Robur. And a winning idea: the production of gas nozzles for water heaters and boilers, within the context of increased use of natural gas in Northern Italy, which quickly transformed the company into a market leader.

In 1967 the Robur laboratory was founded, with the task of guaranteeing product development and anticipating the market. An enlightened choice that produced the multigas atmospheric burner in 1969 and the patent for a high-efficiency, low-emission burner in 1973.

In 1976 the search for efficiency and simplicity, and the desire to have a product all of its own, led to the idea of "heating that can be turned on and off like light", with Robur gas unit heaters. A product that immediately demonstrated its success. In 1982, production was expanded with individual gas-fired convectors to integrate the heating of civil and commercial environments. These were the years in which innovation revolutionized the international market.


GAHP, absorption heat pumps using natural gas and renewable energy, were created based on the studies of one of the brightest minds of the last century: Albert Einstein, and were realized and developed in the United States, in Evansville, Indiana.

Robur acquired absorption technology from Dometic, an Electrolux Group company, in 1991.

GAHP heat pumps introduce a new concept to the market: the highest thermal efficiency through a single natural gas unit for heating and air conditioning, capable of using more than 50% renewable energy. An epoch-defining achievement, to which is added the natural gas and renewable energy absorption heat pump for the residential sector: K18.

In 2019 Robur is undergoing a renewal, with a new Board of Directors and a new president, and in 2021 it will celebrate its 65th anniversary, with important news on the horizon.

Ready to meet the new challenges of the future.


Robur is born

Benito Guerra founds the
gas nozzle company dedicated
to producing components in the
heating sector.


Looking straight ahead
to the future

The R&D laboratory, dedicated to
technological development, is born.


Innovation drives
the next steps

The atmospheric multigas
burner is produced.


A patent that
made history

With the high-efficiency,
low-emission burner,
efficiency and ecology meet.


Heating as
a light switch

The first finished product for
industrial heating is created: the
gas unit heater.


The individual
gas-fired convector

Specifically designed for home
environments and any environment that
needs heating, even where there is no
power supply.


Robur Corporation
is born

Robur establishes the gas
cooling business through acquisition
of GA gas absorption chiller
technology from Electrolux Group.


gas absorption
heat pumps

With the development of gas absorption
heat pump technology, the company enters
the heating and cooling sector
with the use of renewable energies
and rational use of energy.


K18, the home gas
fired heat pump

The absorption heat pump fed by gas
and aerothermal renewable energy is also
available for the residential sector.


The second

Appointment of the new Board of Directors
with Leonardo Guerra as Chairman.


65 years of Robur,
looking forward

Robur is turning 65 and is ready for
new challenges using the best, time-tested
strategy: looking forward.


New products

Robur launches the brand new condensing gas unit heaters Next-G range certified for operation with hydrogen mixture up to 20% and introduces the new AY Condensing Boiler.