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Moving towards 2050

Moving towards 2050

Moving towards 2050: Thermally Driven Heat Pumps as the short-term solution – Robur’s GAHP are a perfect example, honed by almost two decades of continuous innovation around energy efficiency.

While steadily progressing with the Pathways to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 Programme in the US and North America, Robur’s products are already able to sharply reduce CO2 levels and emissions as well as increase energy efficiency, thanks to the astoundingly advantageous performance of the TDHP Technology and the use of renewable energy.

A non-stop pace to 2050 Pathways to Net-Zero while supplying immediate solutions.

Robur Corporation is keeping a non-stop pace to Net-Zero emissions, focusing on green gases for a genuine energy transition. Meanwhile, our Thermally Driven Heat Pumps such GAHP (Gas Absorption Heat Pumps) are the ideal short-medium term solution, proven effective at reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 40% and also improving energy efficiency for cost savings of up to 40%, thanks to the renewable energy sources.

Thermally Driven Heat Pumps (TDHP) and key performance indicators. And why they matter.

TDHP occupy an especially innovative and promising segment of the heat pump market. They are demonstrably useful in a wide variety of contexts. Heat pump technology can meet nearly every requirement in the heating and domestic hot water marketplace, (new and existing buildings, industrial processes, district heating etc.) with a reduction of CO2 emission of up to 40% compared to traditional heating technologies, primary energy savings, energy consumption efficiency and diversification of energy sources.

The Robur GAHP is a tangible and immediate short-term solution representing almost 2 decades of scientific advancement.

Launched in 2004, the Robur GAHP A was the first air-source water-ammonia absorption heat pump on the market. Today it represents the apex of almost 20 years of rigorous technological research and development. By using natural gas and renewable energy sources, it supplies hot water up to 140 °F/60 °C. Thanks to its tremendous flexibility and wider range of operation in terms of maximum supply water temperature as well as minimum operating outdoor temperature, it is ideal for heating systems that demand the most efficient gas appliances possible, both for retrofits and new installations anywhere in North America. It can also be easily and effectively combined with already installed heating devices, like boilers, dramatically hiking up the overall efficiency of the heating system as well as minimizing the total cost of the retrofit activities for the end user.

Robur’s GAHP wins Integrated Home Competition Awards 2022.

The Integrated Home Competition identifies and supports newly released products that help achieve the vision of a comfortable, convenient, connected home. The Competition promotes connected devices and systems for homes that meet consumer expectations in terms of interoperability, reliability, and simplicity of use with an emphasis on delivering energy and demand savings. The Robur GAHP A is one of the IHC winners, as one judge commented: “The GAHP-A Gas Heat Pump is an innovative design and one of the first of its kind”. The judges appreciate the highly efficient gas heat pump technology and see this product as an important decarbonization bridge solution”. The judges selected 17 innovative connected home devices that demonstrate the four tenets of the CEE Integrated Home Initiative: energy savings, demand flexibility, consumer amenity, and security.

FortisBC and main Gas Utilities players all over the US and North America are adopting and supporting our technology.

FortisBC, a Canadian-owned company based in British Columbia, has launched a rebate to save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with high-efficiency gas absorption heat pumps, The Robur GAHP-A model was selected as one of the possible solutions for grant rebates up to $ 35,000 for installing gas absorption heat pumps in commercial, multi-unit residential or institutional buildings. Get bonus rebates for creating a comprehensive system combined with smart controls and a high-efficiency boiler and/or water heater to optimize performance and efficiency. Watch this video.

Major investment in new HQ, sales and after-sales force, to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

During 2023 Robur Corporation will benefit from brand new headquarters and a reinforced sales and after-sales team to further improve its commercial and service coverage. This synergic alignment with the Robur Group has a single objective: total customer care and satisfaction, widening our clientele’s awareness and appreciation of the significance and advantages of the Thermally Driven Heat Pumps technology.“We consider this important effort fundamental to our strategies in the US and North America” says Leonardo Guerra, President of Robur S.p.A. “Faced with all the current energy scenarios and specifically the 2050 Pathways to the Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Programme, our Thermally Driven Heat Pumps will be the best solution for energy saving and reducing emissions in the short-medium term. Robur’s GAHP can provide the solution and we are ready to co-operate with selected distributors to expand our first-class technology to the maximum number of users”.

What’s next?

Thermally Driven Heat Pumps are ready for green gases and offer the best energy efficiency ever. Thanks to our continuous investment in R&D, our GAHP have always been designed to be able to respond efficiently to new scenarios, such the introduction of Green hydrogen and/or biogases. When and if the scenario and the supply infrastructures can allow the transport and large-scale introduction of new vectors, Robur as pioneer of the absorption technology will certainly be ready.

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