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In-Cloud Watcher: Remote Monitoring system

In-Cloud Watcher: Remote Monitoring system

Monitoring and controlling your Robur system has never been so simple and easy. In-Cloud Watcher is the perfect complement to gas heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production.

With In-Cloud Watcher, Robur completes its sustainability-oriented product range with smart and cloud-based services. For anincreasingly environmentally friendly future and a connected, digital, easy-to-use system for the end user.


  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Bill savings.
  • Maximum comfort level.
  • Optimized maintenance.
  • Remote switch on/off, adjustment and programming.
  • Performance measurement and optimization.
  • Better score for energy certification.

What you can do

  • System switch on/off.
  • Set point adjustment.
  • Heating/cooling changeover.
  • Time slot control.

What your expert technician can do

  • System maintenance in ideal operating and performance conditions.
  • Maximum energy efficiency.
  • Heating, cooling and DHW operating parameters control.
  • Remote system switch on/off.
  • Real-time diagnostics and remote intervention.
  • Programmed preventive maintenance planning.
  • Simple spare parts preparation.
  • Full reporting.

Easy and user-friendly, on any device.

In-Cloud Watcher is the remote monitoring system for Robur absorption units. The In-Cloud Watcher control and command functions facilitate heating and cooling management, to achieve the highest level of comfort, measurement and optimization of performance based on objective and readily available data, reduction of energy consumption and optimization of maintenance activities. Easy and user-friendly, from your computer or mobile device.


Handy for you, indispensable for maintenance technicians.Handy for you, indispensable for maintenance technicians.

The In-Cloud Watcher service offers maintenance technicians and their clients peace of mind and cost savings. Through a simple connection, you can monitor the performance and operation of one or more systems and intervene remotely - at any time - setting the right parameters to ensure the ideal comfort level and reduce consumption based on objective data. Just as if you were there on the spot, wherever your Robur system is.


Easy, in a click.Easy, in a click.

All you need is an Internet connection to independently switch the system on and off, manage its programming and adjust the set point for maximum comfort. You will have a complete overview to control your system from a simple, user-friendly screen. Everything in just one simple click from your computer or phone, through a standard web browser. Wherever you are.


A green light for energy efficiency.A green light for energy efficiency.

Using a simple traffic light system, In-Cloud Watcher allows maintenance technicians to rapidly view the systems, obtaining immediate feedback about those in perfect working condition and those, instead, that are faulty or in error state. This system will enable initial remote analysis and allow maintenance technicians to plan their activities, preparing all the necessary resources, including spare parts, and defining appropriate intervention priorities. A solution that offers you peace of mind about the status of your system and allows your maintenance technician better and easier planning of interventions.

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