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Absorption technology efficiency evolution

Absorption technology efficiency evolution

A key technology with a great potential for innovation.

The improvement of natural gas absorption technology has led to constant increases in energy efficiency values for the different models.


ACC Gas absorption chiller. ARKLA (Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co.) introduces the first water-ammonia absorption units, with 300,000 pieces sold.


Robur Corporation was established to acquire absorption technology from Dometic, a company of Electrolux group.


ACF The gas efficiency in absorption units was improved by 34%. Efficiency was becoming a crucial element.


GAHP-W LB was introduced to the market: a worldwide innovation. This GAHP version has put Robur into the high efficiency heating market with an efficiency much higher than electric heat pumps and boilers.
GAHP-AR High efficiency Gas Absorption heat pump for alternative heating or cooling. The first reversible Gas Absorption Heat Pump in the world.


GAHP-A High efficiency Gas Absorption Heat Pump for heating. Heating efficiency higher than condensing boilers. The most efficient product in gas heating sector worldwide.
ACF-HR The unit with heat recovery was developed and introduced to the market. The heat recovery for production of domestic hot water at temperature up to 85 °C makes the unit very competitive: the total efficiency of the unit is up to 173%.


GAHP-WS and GS High efficiency Gas Absorption Heat Pump for simultaneous production of hot and cold water, ideal for geothermal systems and process applications.


Modulating and condensing Gas Absorption Heat Pumps.
E3 Solution Hydronic heating system with modulating condensing Gas Absorption Heat Pumps.