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Application flexibility

Application flexibility

Did you know?

You probably know that Robur offers gas operated Chiller, Heat Pump and Chiller-Heater modules. You may also know that these individual modules are available as factory assembled packages.

However, did you know that it is possible to mix and match different types of modules in the same package?

I.E. Chillers with Heat Pumps, Chillers with boilers, Heat Pumps with Chiller and boilers. Multiple combinations of these various modules are numerous. It is also possible to have 2 or 3 modules installed in a package designed to accommodate the addition of more modules in the future.

Why all of this diversification?

ROBUR provides flexibility by offering multiple cooling and heating equipment options. By mixing various ROBUR modules, a package can be provided to better match and satisfy the load requirements of a space, whether it is for commercial, large residential or an industrial application.

We also encounter customers that are involved with a retrofit or an expansion of a building that will occur in phases. As a result, for budget purposes, they prefer to purchase the cooling and heating equipment in phases as well. For example, a customer may initially require only three ROBUR modules for the first phase of their project that may ultimately require five modules. ROBUR can factory install three modules to a package that is designed to accommodate five modules.

At a later date, additional modules can be dropped into place to accommodate the building’s needs. The water, gas and electric lines are already in place on the package and simple connections are made on site by the contractor.

ROBUR can prepare packages with the appropriate piping and wiring to accommodate enough modules to provide up to 30 tons of cooling and 720 MBH heating. If you don’t see a particular modular configuration on our spec sheet it doesn’t mean we can’t make it.