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Optimize your full potential with Roburberry

Optimize your full potential with Roburberry

Remote monitoring device for ROBUR Heat Pumps & Chillers

Optimize your full potential

Professional and competent design, high quality solutions and careful installation are essential to create high performance heating & cooling systems in terms of comfort, efficiency and reliability.

But that's not enough.

Without measurement, verification and optimization even the best solutions do not fully capitalize on their energy saving potential.

How it works


The addition of the Roburberry to the ROBUR Direct Digital Controller (DDC) allows your contractor to remotely monitor your HVAC system via the Robur Cloud.

Remote Capabilities include:

  • Measurement and verification of the main operating parameters.
  • Monitoring of system performance including system status.
  • Error code alerts, reset and alert history.
  • Analyze and identify main causes and conditions that may effect performance.
  • Optimization of operation based on the actual comfort need.
  • Punctual and constant control of operation and temperature for production cycles where required.
  • Allows your contractor to provide prompt notice of any need for assistance.
  • State of the art installation and adjustment of the units.


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