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Weather compensation capability

Weather compensation capability

Maximize your Robur Heat Pump Efficiency by Utilizing the Weather Compensation capability provided by the Robur DDC controller.

Though the Robur Heat Pumps provide the highest efficient gas fired heating available, you can still improve upon the seasonal heating efficiency by utilizing the “Weather Compensation” (outdoor reset) functionality provided by the Robur DDC Control to make your monthly heating payments even lower.

This functionality can increase the overall seasonal heating efficiency by as much as 11%, based on a given climate, compared to setting only a single water temperature set point for the entire heating season.

This functionality provides the building owner the capability of increasing the overall heating system efficiency by allowing varying water temperature set points based on the actual outdoor temperature.

This variance in temperature set points allows the Robur unit to operate at higher efficiencies when the temperature outside is more mild, which reflects lower gas cost. The colder the outdoor temperature is, the warmer the water temperature will become and as the outdoor temperature gets warmer, then the water temperature set point can lower, making the system more efficient while delivering only the heat required.

Below are a few examples of the savings you can achieve with this capability in various U.S. locations:

  Design Temperature Seasonal efficiency
Single water set-point – 140°F
Seasonal efficiency
Weather Compensation
Minneapolis, MN -15 °F 0.98 1.05 (+7%)
Chicago, IL -5 °F 1.03 1.12 (+8%)
Cleveland, OH 2 °F 1.06 1.16 (+9%)
New York City, NY 13 °F 1.07 1.18 (+10%)
Charlotte, NC 19 °F 1.11 1.22 (+10%)
San Francisco, CA 37 °F 1.18 1.31 (+11%)