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Residential vs light commercial

Residential vs light commercial

Cooling & Heating
Large Custom Residential and Light Commercial.
Is there really a difference?

  • Minimal electrical service.
  • Zoned comfort control.
  • Modular staging efficiency.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Application flexibility.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment.
  • Stable and abundant fuel source.

All features that would be appreciated and desired by the discriminating owner of a large custom home or light commercial facility.

The solution... ROBUR modular cooling and heating systems using Chillers, Chiller-Heaters and/or Heat Pumps.


No need to run an expensive 3 phase electrical service to handle the summer cooling requirements. Natural gas is the primary fuel source. Application flexibility, modular operating efficiencies and maintaining architectural integrity by running smaller chilled/hot water lines to strategic comfort zones rather than large cumbersome ductwork. All possible with Robur gas absorption cooling and heating equipment.

Many owners of light commercial buildings and custom homes expect quality equipment and system designs. In many cases large home applications become light commercial by nature. Robur’s modular cooling and heating packages provide the flexibility, quality and solutions that are required for these applications.


Custom Home Owner: Various temperature zones as shown throughout a large home.

  • Bathroom 76°F
  • Bedroom 73°F
  • Kitchen 72°F
  • Living Area 74°F
  • Unoccupied guest room 78°F


Commercial Building: Various temperature zones throughout the building.

  • Lobby area 76°F
  • General office area 74°F
  • Occupied Conference Room 72°F
  • General Manager’s office 73°F
  • Light Assembly area 78°F