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Absorption Chiller Heater Packaged powered by Natural Gas


For hot climate Cooling.


  • A single unit for air conditioning, heating and production of DHW production.
  • Extremely low electricity consumption: saving up to 87% of electricity compared to a traditional electrical system, no additional energy, no modification of electric cabin.
  • Single Phase Power.
  • Smaller Generator Requirements for applications requiring off grid power or emergency cooling and heating.
  • Complete system flexibility and modularity to increase the Seasonal Performance Factor: multiple links available (RTYF units).
  • High reliability due to few moving parts inside the units.
  • Easy Maintenance, similar to gas fired boilers.
  • No Water Consumption. No cooling tower and related water treatment and maintenance.
  • Outdoor Installation. No need for indoor equipment room.


Air conditioning for residential, commercial and industrial applications, with external air temperatures up to 131°F.

Technical table

Nominal cooling output 58,400 BTU/h
Nominal heating output 110,900 BTU/h
Outlet water temperature maximum in heating mode 185°F
minimum in cooling mode 41°F
External air temperature in cooling mode maximum 131°F
minimum 32°F
External air temperature in heating mode maximum 116.6°F
minimum -20°F
Voltage 208-230 V - 60 Hz

Due to continuous product innovation and development, Robur reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.


Direct Digital Control (DDC)

Direct Digital Control (DDC)

Robur Box 100

Robur Box 100

Robur Box 200

Robur Box 200


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