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Gas absorption products Summer Rebate

Gas absorption products Summer Rebate

If it gets muggy, try our $1,000 refreshments.

Summer Rebate! Grab this new opportunity - from Jul 15th to Sept 30th 2022

If it gets hot and muggy why don’t you chill out and Grab this brand new opportunity?

Instant $1,000 REBATE for any order placed on any of our GAHP and GA range  - starting from now until the end of September.

Eligible models

GAHP A | Heat Pump - Heating Only
GAHP AR | Heat Pump - Heating/Cooling
GAHP W-LB | Heat Pump - Geothermal
GAHP W | Heat Pump - Water source / Simultaneous
GA ACF60 HR | Chiller with Heat Recovery
GA ACF ST | Chiller
GA ACF TK | Low Ambient Chiller
GA ACF HT | High Ambient Chiller
GA ACF LB | Low Brine Chiller
GA AYF | Chiller Heater
GA AYF HT | High Ambient Chiller Heater

Promotion period: Jul 15th, 2022 to Sept 30th, 2022.
This promotion is limited to sales in North America only.