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In search of lost sociability: the Summer party

In search of lost sociability: the Summer party

The current anti-Covid legislation, less restrictive, has finally made it possible to relive the traditional summer party with more than 50 years of history in Robur, which has always reflected the entrepreneurial vision and the will of Human Resources to pay attention to sociality in the professional field. The employees and their families spent a day at the company in a pleasant, informal and carefree atmosphere.

The event has always been linked to the Quality system and company philosophy, which strongly wants to offer a work context where you can experience positive values and feelings that hearten and warm up relationships and life itself.

This year the party has developed several objectives: to make clear how serene and cordial human relationships determine a common well-being and are also effective in treating the psychological strains experienced in a pandemic; simply be comfortable together, to find a bit of lightness with respect to global concerns; rediscover those energies that are needed to face the future that is looming on the horizon.

The event took place in the afternoon at the company and in the evening in the park of the Sagra Roncolese in Treviolo.

ROBUR-festa-estate-2022-03 ROBUR-festa-estate-2022-05 ROBUR-festa-estate-2022-06

It was organized by a working group also made up of many young new hires, who with this experience were able to get to know the vitalizing aspects of the Robur culture and implement enriching choices and contents for the day's program, in addition to the classic visit to the production areas, offices, the emotional room, the museum.

The Robur spaces welcomed the Bergamo Scienza laboratories with the setting up of interactive, mechanical and robotics games, where guests of all ages put themselves to the test with intellectual and manual skills, approaching new technologies in a fun way. The convivial evening was enriched by the theatrical show "Destination Ithaca" dedicated to the journey of Ulysses, a metaphorical journey of life and knowledge.

ROBUR-festa-estate-2022-04The summer party also had the objective of presenting and motivating Robur Solidale Onlus's choice of change after 22 years of activity, following the new rules of the third sector, with the satisfaction of having so far implemented many aid works in transparent and guaranteed way. Since 2000, the association has donated more than 786 thousand euros, many of which are dedicated to the project for young people Educandosi-Educare, supported by a valid training method, which for some months has been responsibly entrusted to the Centro Coscienza di Bergamo.

What remains evident for everyone in Robur is the care with which the President of Robur Onlus, Luisella Traversi, has followed the realization of the solidarity projects. The commemorative plaque given to her is just a small sign of great gratitude for the passion dedicated to "doing good for good" (as she herself uses to say) and to spreading an open social culture, attentive to others and to primary needs and education of young people.

The Robur summer festival ended happily in the park with a convivial moment followed by dances and songs in the open air, which made us savor the joy of a longed for sociability, which still, to prevent the spread of Covid, cannot be fully achieved.

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