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Air-To-Air Split System

Fully integrated heating and cooling system for large industrial and retail spaces that maximises efficiency with no need for a hydraulic circuit.


  • Industrial heating and cooling.
    e-NextPro consists of a direct expansion outdoor unit and a wallmounted indoor unit fitted with an axial fan. This effective and efficient design optimises comfort in both summer and winter, thanks to the modulation of the outdoor and indoor units, for maximum comfort and minimum acoustic impact.
  • Installation. Easy like e-NextPro.
    The installation of the external and internal units is simple, immediate and economical. They can be installed individually, or in multiple installations to air condition large rooms. The external heat pump can be installed on the floor or on the wall, using the appropriate support brackets, while the internal unit can be fixed to the wall, diffusing hot and cold air in an always optimal way, using an electronically controlled axial fan with variable speed . The outgoing air flow can be regulated by the individually adjustable fins.
  • In combination with photovoltaic plants? Score A+++
    Photovoltaic systems are mandatory in new buildings, and are increasingly being installed on industrial sites. There is a growing demand for cooling systems based on electrical appliances: in summer your solar panel array provides a large quantity of renewable electricity. The electricity-based e-NextPro technology is perfect with solar energy, delivering high efficiency and optimal performance, virtually eliminating the cost of cooling in the warmer months.
  • Thermal comfort. And acoustic comfort.
    The outdoor unit is fitted with a large-diameter, low-speed axial fan, making it extremely quiet: 38 dB(A) at a distance of 5 meters. The indoor unit is fitted with a special electronically controlled (EC) axial fan to minimize the acoustic impact in the environment where it is installed, ensuring optimal acoustic comfort and well-being, even with intense use.
⚠️ Please note: the e-NextPro Air-To-Air Split System might or might not be available for some countries, according to commercial requirements and/or local technical regulations.
For more information or to find out if your country is covered by this Robur solution, please contact us.


Ideal for:
  • Industrial
  • Craft workshops
  • Warehouses and large material storage spaces
  • Sports facilities
  • Commercial spaces

Technical table


Nominal heat output (outdoor/indoor temperature A7/A20) kW 39
COP (outdoor/indoor temperature A7/A20)   4,45
Nominal cooling output (outdoor/indoor temperature A35/A27) kW 35
EER (outdoor/indoor temperature A35/A27)   4,02
Maximum electrical power consumption kW 12
Electrical power supply V/ph/Hz 400/3/50
Sound power dB(A) 60,2
Refrigerant type   R32
Equivalent maximum length of coolant connections (1) m 30
Dimensions L x P x H mm 1.791 x 641 x 1.257
Weight in operation kg 270
Number of indoor units to connect n. 1

(1) Please contact the Robur Technical Consultancy Service for information about the equivalent pressure drops of elbows, siphons and differences in height between units.


Sound power dB(A) 59,6
Dimensions L x P x H mm 1.253 x 825 x 1.139
Weight in operation kg 110



PGD digital

PGD digital

RCC digital remote

RCC digital remote

Centralized multi RCC

Centralized multi RCC