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Sustainable technology for the future.
Our best welcome.

Robur is an all-Italian idea.

Since Benito Guerra founded a mechanical workshop to manufacture gas nozzles for water heaters and boilers, the aim has remained the same: to conceive, design and build beautiful and well-made products, with a special ecological conscience.

A story that began 65 years ago and is still going strong, with the same passion for excellence.
We are proud creators and producers of sustainable technologies for heating and cooling with a rational use of energy.

A company oriented towards the well-being of people - whether employees, partners or customers. The aspiration to the highest values with the ambition to create a workplace where everyone can give meaning and dynamism to their work and their dreams.

With the spirit of those who are always looking for new goals, we look to the future, investing 7% of our turnover in Research and Development every year. A decision devoted to innovation, for the future of heating and of our children. And the future of Robur.

Welcome to Robur.


Robur is dedicated to dynamic progression
in research, development and promotion
of safe, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient products,
through the commitment and caring
of its employees and partners



Robur turns the love for beauty and well-made things
into innovative heating and cooling systems
that are especially designed and developed
to answer the specific needs of Man



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