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Calorio M

Modulating gas-fired convector

Calorio M guarantees homogeneous temperatures, low heat stratification and comfort, thanks to the modulation of heat output and ventilation.


  • Instant heating where you need it and when you need it: Robur Gas Convectors are an independent and modular system that allows different rooms to be heated to different temperatures, optimizing the heating by autonomously regulating the temperature of each single zone. Robur Gas Convectors adjust therefore fuel consumption to actual requirements.
  • Unique advantages for end users.
    • Three minutes is all that it needs for Robur Gas Convectors to warm up a room.
    • 30% savings compared to a central heating system.
    • Safe and reliable because the combustion circuit is completely room sealed and all products of combustion are exhausted outdoors.
    • Homogeneous temperature, comfort and energy saving, thanks to the modulation of the heat output and ventilation.
    • Low heat stratification thanks to the regular and continuous operation.
    • Easy to use 7-day programmable thermostat with backlight as a simple interface. Setting of ambient temperature on 3 levels: comfort, economy, antifreeze. Diagnostic of working function.
  • Unique advantages for installers.
    • Easy to connect, both to the gas and supply grid, without disassembling the unit. Moreover Calorio M does not require hydraulic system nor chimney.
    • Easy to install, provided with paper template, wall bracket, air/flue coaxial pipe, plug, LPG kit and external terminal.
    • Possibility of air inlet and exhaust outlet pipes extension.
    • Available in white (RAL 9003).


Ideal for occasional use, refurbishment and holiday homes.

Technical table

Heat output Calorio 42M: nominal W 3,260 - reduced W 2,260
Heat output Calorio 52M: nominal W 4,710 - reduced W 3,180

Air flow(1) Calorio 42M: max 120 m3/h - min 80 m3/h
Air flow(1) Calorio 52M: max 220 m3/h - min 160 m3/h

Wattage Calorio 42M: W 45
Wattage Calorio 52M: W 86

Size Calorio 42M: length mm 553 - height mm 715 - depth mm 215
Size Calorio 52M: lengthmm 553 - height mm 715 - depth mm 215

(1) At 20 °C - 1013 mbar.