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Today is a sad day

Today is a sad day

Today is a sad day.
Our first President and founder, Benito Guerra, passed away overnight.
A captain of industry, our captain.
An intense and strong man, an innovator.
Fair, rigorous, stubborn. A teacher for all of us, one of those who raise the bar, always.
He was a great man. He lived passionately, he made many dreams come true, he was able to share them with us and make us feel protagonists of this extraordinary adventure that was the construction of Robur.
An innovative and enlightened entrepreneur.
A generous man who received the lives of many with great sensitivity.
It was a gift for us all to be able to share our professional life with hers.
We have learned a lot and nothing will be lost.
More determined than ever, we will carry on the founder's work.
More passionate than ever, we will work on our innovations.
More convinced than ever, we will do it together, one step at a time as we improve.
Just like he did.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 17 August at 3.00 pm at the Duomo of Bergamo, in the upper town.