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Re-Mote, Next-G Management Panel

Re-Mote, Next-G Management Panel

Total control, greater comfort and high versatility. Now also remotely, thanks to Re-Mote: the 7" color display with touch screen controls up to 30 Next-G series Gas Unit Heaters, also installed in up to 6 different zones, independently of each other.

Connect your system to the Robur Cloud and it will be with you at all times.

Re-Mote is designed for connection, through the Internet, to the Robur Cloud, where you will be able to view all the operating parameters of each generator and make the appropriate adjustments, as if you were physically using the Panel display. You will be able to monitor your system, query it and manage it in a fully autonomous way wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.


Main features

Re-Mote. The Next-G control is touch screen.

Re-Mote is the 7” color display with capacitive touch screen that allows full control of your Next-G Gas Unit Heaters. With Re-Mote, you can manage Gas Unit Heaters, also located in different environments, in an advanced and complete way. A convenient and smart solution, with predictive behavioral and programing logics. An essential device for any new installation and ideal for retrofits because it is compatible with systems that have Next-G series Gas Unit Heaters already in operation.

The Next-G control is touch screen.

Control and adjust up to 30 Next-G.
Save money and effort.

Re-Mote is much more than a display: it is an advanced management system for your Gas Unit Heaters. Control and adjust up to 30 Next-G series Gas Unit Heaters at the same time, optimizing their switch on/off, setting the desired temperature for each zone served, reporting any operating blocks and allowing them to be unblocked. You will also be able to access the advanced diagnostic function and the statistical data on operations, all from a single point. With the ease of a touch, for maximum efficiency always.

Control and adjust up to 30 Next-G

Intuitive and predictive comfort.

With Re-Mote, you can easily remotely control your Next-G’ switch on/off: from summer/winter/off switching, to temperature and ventilation modulation and the programming over 3 different time slots for each day of the week. The optional outdoor sensor allows predictive switch on of your Next-G. The system switches on automatically, adjusting itself according to the outdoor temperature for the right indoor temperature at the right time. For full efficiency with maximum savings.

Intuitive and predictive comfort

Create up to 6 Zones. For effective management, wherever you want.

With Re-Mote you can organize your hot air Gas Unit Heaters in up to 6 different zones. You can control different rooms from a single display, which can be placed wherever you want, and adjust the temperature and operating times for each zone served by the Gas Unit Heaters. The most effective solution to improve efficiency and have the heat you want, exactly where you need it.

Create up to 6 Zones. For effective management, wherever you want

Zones management with Robur Re-Mote


For each Next-G:
- advanced diagnostic function;
- reset;
- Operating data machine parameters display and modification.

For each zone:
- time slot programming for heating and ventilation mode;
- adjustment over 3 temperature slots;
- setpoint adjustment;
- operating modes (heating, ventilation, modulation, etc.);
- ventilation level setting;
- events logs;
- Gas Unit Heaters status;
- Gas Unit Heaters by-pass.

All the functions of the Next-G at your fingertips.

Every function of your Next-G can be controlled from simple and user-friendly screens. Modulate the heat output and ventilation at a touch to rapidly reach the desired temperature. Choose operating times easily, with the time programming and predictive switch on function. Use the destratification function for utmost comfort and maximum efficiency. Switch from summer to winter mode by simply touching the screen. Access the advanced diagnostics function and the statistical data on operations. And much more: Re-Mote puts all the power of Next-G in your hands.

All the functions of the Next-G at your fingertips


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