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Genius centralized management system

Genius centralized management system

With a view to the continuous improvement of our dedicated products and accessories, the Genius software for managing the gas unit heaters is renewed with the OSWR001 version which does not require the use of temperature controllers.

Since their launch, the Next-R series gas unit heaters have been accompanied by a software, Genius, which allows advanced and efficient management.

Genius software (OSWR000) yesterday and today

The OSWR000 Genius remote control software is a software program to be installed on a Windows PC that allows, through the OTRG005 thermoregulators, to centrally manage up to 100 Robur Next-R gas unit heaters.

Gas heaters control can be independent (i.e. delegated to the individual OTRG005) or centralised.

The software allows you to:

  • manage up to 100 gas heaters divided into 10 zones;
  • set the temperature for each zone;
  • set the operating times of each zone;
  • set the operation of the gas heaters to 3 temperature levels;
  • set the operating mode of each gas heater (heating, off, ventilation only);
  • reset of gas heaters lockout (when possible);
  • send information emails about start/stop/lockout of the system to the desired addresses (if the PC is connected to an email system).

If the PC on which the software is installed is remotely accessible, the software allows remote management of the entire heating system from multiple devices.
The communication between the PC on which the software is installed and the OTRG005 thermoregulators takes place via Modbus protocol, while a USB/RS485 converter (supplied) allows the PC to physically interface with the communication network.

The OSWR000 software has recently been updated with these changes and continues to be dedicated to the Next-R series gas unit heaters:

  • increased the number of controllable zones from 10 to 30;
  • it is possible to activate or deactivate the automatic start without having to press the sequence of the "OPEN NAME ZONES", "NEXT PAGE >>" and "START ZONES >>" buttons;
  • the compilation of the time programming of the various zones on 3 temperatures and 4 levels has been improved;
  • Gmail account information notification function: if you do not have access to your mail server, you can direct the notifications to a dedicated Gmail address (existing or new).

The new Genius software (OSWR001)

From today a new version of Genius is available, the OSWR001, for the Next-G series gas unit heaters with a great advantage for our customers: it does not require the use of the OTRG005 regulator for connection to the gas unit heater, which will therefore take place directly with significant reductions in the cost of installing the system (no device added on the gas heater, nor related electrical connection).

Other features:

  • it adds more advanced functions to the gas unit heaters (they can modulate continuously and not on 2 steps);
  • it manages up to 100 Next-G series units: it cannot manage mixed systems (Next-G and Next-R on the same Modbus).