For high efficiency heating and hot water production
Ideal for detached and semi-detached homes

ErP Energy Class: A++


    Aim high in heating your home!


    A super efficient heat pump that uses air, a renewable energy source always available, to heat your home.
    It is gas fired, simply.
    K18 is at the top of energy labelling: A++.
    Easy to install, it is the all-in-one solution, without the complexity of integration with solar thermal systems.


    K18 because...

    • Thanks to the environmental energy, heating costs are reduced by half
      K18 is simple as a boiler, but it is far more: K18 is super efficient because it uses at best the energy of air, always available, securing a solid saving every year!

      Space heating power demand (seasonal)
      Space heating power demand
      Heating power demand 18 kW | Winter Season Period: 1800 hours | Typical Climatic Data of the Northern Italy Area | Average Air Winter Temperature: 6,7°C (Milan, according to National Normatives) | Average Water Delivery Temperature 50 °C | Electricic Grid Efficiency, according to Eurostat Data | Electricity Energy Cost: 0,21 €/kWh | Natural Gas Cost: 0,70 €/m3

    • It is the easy choice for your home
      K18 is the all-in-one solution, easy to install, avoiding the complexity of the integration on field with solar thermal systems.
      No flue pipes. Easy maintenace.
      It uses a natural refrigerant, not affected by F-Gas restrictions.

    • It is the quietest heat pump on the market

    • It is a versatile unit
      Suitable for both new and existing buildings as it fits also in heating systems with high temperature distribution systems (radiators). K18 can replace or integrate an existing gas boiler in the easiest and quickest way.
      It is the ideal choice for new houses with low temperature distribution systems (floor heating or fan coils).

    • Environmental and Energy Efficiency Declaration for each customer

    Example of Robur K18 installation

    K18 keeps the promises

    Through the HEAT4EU project, under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the European Commission endorsed Robur heat pump technology as one of the most innovative heating technologies for existing residential buildings.
    Robur technology tested and certified
    The Robur heat pump has been tested, it is efficient, reliable and extremely quiet. If you have to replace a boiler, replace it with a gas absorption heat pump!
    Paul Lemmens | Technical Officer DG Research and Innovation

    E.ON was in charge of performance monitoring of K18 installed in this German home. Evidences are clear: energy consumption and cost reduction are higher than 38% by the integration of renewable energy. Performances are always constant, thus helping maintaining high indoor comfort.
    Dr. Matthias Brune and Angelo Martino | Energy Networks E.ON Technologies GmbH | K18 installed at private home Bottrop, Germany

    The Robur heat pump installed in my home has achieved significant energy savings over our gas boiler, complete reliability and kept my wife warm all through the year!
    Kevin Lowe | British Gas Manager - Heat4U Project Partner

    GRDF has supported k18 development since the very beginning. within HEAT4U project, we have carried out tests together with crigen in a dedicated facility and at an end user residence. this product represents a substantial step forward for the esisting detached and semi-detached homes. the combination of natural gas with renewable energy is a performing solution to guarantee the energy transition expected in europe.
    Alain Mille | GrDF Researches Manager
    CRIGEN is proud to have participated and supported the technical development and validation of K18. addressing the market of detached and semi-detached homes has proven to be a challenge; within HEAT4U project a real technology leap was performed. the results achieved during the field tests showed that k18 is an efficient and reliable product. A new era in heat pump technology has now begun.
    Bernard Blez | senior vice president of CRIGEN R&D Center, ENGIE

    I chose K18 because it uses a significant rate of renewable energy and it is powered by natural gas. No change in electricity supply has been required: this meant a clear and reliable forecasting of costs, because I could estimate the savings starting from my current gas bill.
    Enea Federici | Cingia de Botti (CR) - Italy

    For our home we wanted an easy-to-use, but efficient and eco-friendly heating system. Our installer suggested the installation of K18.System retrofit was not required and Robur has kept the promises.
    Daniela Faccanoni | Fino del Monte (BG) - Italy

    I was looking for a distinguishing solution to my customers, achieving the following requirements: comfort, simplicity and energy efficiency. With the K18 heat pump we felt in love at first sight. I’ve chosen K18 also for my heating system. I tried it, I recommend it to my customers
    Roberto Calza | installer

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    Our K18 perfectly fits outdoors. And it is so quiet that we can enjoy our garden listening the sounds of nature. In addition the former plant room became my hobby room. K18 is highly recommended... also to my customers.
    Marcello Delsale | installer

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