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G.B.C. Industrial Tools S.p.a.

Cazzago San Martino – Brescia – Italy

Need: Cooling


G.B.C. Industrial Tools S.p.a. Produces machines for chamfering and cutting of tubes and chamfering of sheet metal: this is the field where G.B.C. Has been known all over the world since 1981. In addition, G.B.C. Is a leader in the production of industrial maintenance machines in various sectors (pipelines, gas pipelines, power plants).
18 Robur AD was installed in a new warehouse, enlarged at the headquarters of the company, at Cazzago San Martino in the province of Brescia.
The plant covers the surface of the warehouse used as a production and warehouse. It is a little over 6,000 square feet, it is made up of 18 units mounted on roof with internal ducting and 4-way speakers. The flexible, modular system allows for cooling to zones for maximum comfort control.

For the cooling of the new production plant of ​​GBC Industrial Tools, 18 Robur AD14 evaporative coolers have been installed, which are considered suitable for the conditioning of a medium sized premises. The installation of evaporator coolers instead of traditional conditioning systems has been preferred for several reasons, first of all the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the system: each appliance can operate autonomously and independently, it has lower installation costs than classical conditioning solutions and especially reduced energy consumption. A non-secondary aspect, ie the system's efficiency over time, was also taken into consideration: as refrigeration-free machines do not require future refills or reintegration; In addition, regular maintenance work (such as cleaning the filters) does not require specialized personnel intervention.

Ing. Palumbo - HVAC Designer


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